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GSCS is a small, highly focused company that concentrates its activity in the area of transaction cost measurement and analysis. Services are provided to institutional investment managers and pension funds primarily in the U.K. and continental Europe. A number of important factors allow GSCS to stand out from other providers of transaction cost services whether agency brokers, global dealers or custodian banks. These include:

a) independence

GSCS is independently owned and managed. It is not part of any larger group and has no conflicts of interest in providing transaction cost analysis. It is broker neutral giving clients analysis of performance of more than 400 brokers using any of more than 25 benchmarks that clients consider most appropriate

b) analysis

GSCS is focused on helping clients improve their trading performance over time by improving their understanding of where improvement is a practical possibility and how it can be achieved. This involves analysis of many different types of trades executed on behalf of different portfolio managers in a range of circumstances. It is not a monitoring tool for individual transactions

c) experience

GSCS has been providing global equity trading analysis services for more than ten years, longer than any other provider. The subject is complex and our experience suggests it is all too easy to draw simplistic but inaccurate conclusions about trading effectiveness. This is undesirable and possibly misleading for managers and their clients. GSCS believes in the value of multi-faceted cautious analysis which maximises use of traders' own knowledge

d) innovation

from its beginnings as the first provider of analysis of global equity trading, GSCS has always been a leader in developing new analytical techniques as well as new services. GSCS was the first company to make data available to clients on-line and the first to introduce a comprehensive service for fixed income securities..

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